In close collaboration with Project Deep Ocean Australia & the Queensland Museum (Brisbane, Australia)

Selected Press & Media


Campus Daily (Australia), 27.11.2009

Cairns Post (Australia), 01.12.2009

Courier Mail (Australia), 20.12.2009

Radio 1, Berlin (Radio, Germany), 09.01.2010. Not online anymore.

Bayern 2, IQ (Radio, Germany), 15.01.2010. Not online anymore.

Frankfurter Rundschau (Germany), 19.01.2010

Deutsche Welle TV, 07.03.2010, German, English

Focus Online (Germany), 11.03.2010

ZDF "Abenteuer Wissen" (in German), 26.05.2010. This is the whole show (on youtube), the DDU part starts after 3:40 Minutes.


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